Poster for OISTAT: Is it diluted?

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This is Chronic: a chronical.

This is Chronic(al) Intercept.

This is anti-capitalist.

This is anti-gentrification.

This is anarchitecture.

Supporting the ideology of Holzmakt, Chronic(al) Intercept serves as both a symbolic and physical revolt against capitalist architecture and intentional gentrification (specifically in the context of Friedrichstein /Kruezberg, Berlin). A chronicle to Gorgon Matta-Clarks Conical Intersect (1975), this ‘reimagined theatre’ continues the dialogue on capitalist urban development and the role of performance art.

This is an anti-proposal.

This in an intercept: of Mediaspree and capitalist architecture.

This is a warning.

The concept is a retaliation to the Mediaspree: a physical intercept. Applied to the structure presented, the concept is ‘constructive’. However this gesture is translatable to new or future architecture.

This is a singular gesture.

This is subversive.

This is theatre.

All structure built through conventional systems is capitalist. Thus Chronic(al) Intercept draws from the existing. Within a single performative movement both ‘stage and auditorium’ are created. The resulting space is to be experienced.

This removes walls.

This transcends boundaries: physical and constructed.

This is public.

This is ‘freespace’.

The spherical intersect shares no one ‘axis’ with the existing structure. The ‘collisions’ create an unfamiliar space without agenda. The space is free in both form and occupational purpose.


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